What is Usui Reiki?

Energy transfer through the hands has been practiced for millenia in various cultures. Reiki as it is known today was established by the Japanese master Usui in the 20th century. He established a standardized system for education and practice. I too practice according to this system as do my teachers.

What happens during a reiki treatment?

As a Reiki practitioner I place my hands on a series of 10 predetermined areas on the client’s body. These areas are directly related to the main energy points also called chakras. I start at the head and finish with the feet. I transfer energy through my hands to harmonize and strengthen chakras and energy flow, and break open blockages.

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Reiki, Harmony, Urs Luger

How will you feel after a Reiki treatment?

Often times the Reiki treatment leads to deep relaxation, to a feeling of calm and peace with one’s self, body, emotions, and the world.

Reiki improves health, strengthens the immune system, stimulates detoxication, helps with emotionally trying times, and it connects you with yourself in a whole new way.

Experience yourself more holistically, more intensely, and in a more relaxed state during the treatment and after.

How often should one have a Reiki treatment?

As often as you want ... Some come only a few times while others come once a month or even once a week. Find what is best for you.


A Reiki treatment takes 60-90 minutes. But for the first session, plan on spending a bit more time so that we can have a cup of tea to talk about any questions you may have.
Reiki is done fully dressed in normal everyday clothing.



1 Reiki treatment            70,- Euros

Discount for students, unemployed and recipients of social assistance