Urs Luger

Urs Luger, Shanghai, holistic healing, Reiki, Sound massage

Holistic Healing

20 years ago I started to take an interest in traditinal Chinese medicine and dietetecs. This led me quickly to qigong and meditation. Over the years I have tried many varieties of qigong. My emphesis, though, is still on crane qigong, which I learned from Heinz Hackethal in Vienna. This is where I first came in contact with holistic healing that simultaneouly affects body, emotions, and spirituality.


Between 2013 and 2018 I lived in Shanghai where I taught at the faculty for German philology at Fudan University. Through a friend I met Sera Shivnan who practiced and taught Reiki. I was impressed by this practice and I soon realised that I wanted to delve deeper into the secrets of Reiki.

Reiki, Reiki, Reiki ...

I started to train to become a Reiki practitioner and underwent all 3 certificates. I treated many friends and acquaintances. After completing additional courses such as Pendulum & Chrystals and DPA Meditation (Developing Psychic Awareness) I decided to go one step further and treat clients on a professional level.


For quite some time I had been fascinated by the beneficial vibrations and complex, overlaying sounds of singing bowls. Finally, in 2016, I started my training for sound massage at the Peter Hess Academy in Vienna.

Lately my focus also shifted toward the gong. Thus I started training with the gong with Elisabeth Dierlich.

Urs Luger, Shanghai, Reiki, Sound, Singing bowls


Back in Vienna after 5 years in Shanghai, I work as a Reiki and sound practitioner, consultant in teacher continuing education and as an author.


Further information (though only in German):


Peter Hess Akademie Wien: https://klangmassage-therapie.at/

Gong-Arbeit von Elisabeth Dierlich: http://www.klang-massage-therapie.ch/index.php