Urs Luger, Reiki, Sound massage, Singing bowl

Urs Luger

Usui Reiki


Reiki harmonizes your body, spirit and soul

Reiki promotes deep relaxation

Reiki strengthens your immune system and your ability to self heal

Reiki guides you to your spirituality

Reiki helps you through emotionally difficult situations

Reiki protects against burn out

Reiki ... and you will encounter yourself

Sound Massage


Singing bowls and gongs envelope you in gentle and powerful sounds. You can feel the vibrations throughout your body and you can let all your stress drain out of you.


Pleasant deep relaxation leads to a feeling of security in the sound space and regeneration on a cellular level.

Urs Luger, singing bowl, sound massage, reiki

About Urs Luger

For a long time I have been intrigued by the idea of holistic healing. When living in Shanghai I met Sera Shivnan who became my Reiki teacher ...


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Energetic assistance such as Reiki and sound massage are no substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. Nor are they a substitute for psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or support. All statements and advice are not meant as diagnoses.